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Basic Tenets of Landscaping
Any time you are planning a landscaping project, you would need to know some of the basic elements. Getting the aspects right tend to be one of the reasons why most people tend to opt to work with the experts. You may need to read on to know some of the fundamentals you may need to apply in the design.

One of the basic tenets of landscaping design include lines. Lines tend to be either horizontal, curved, diagonal or vertical. Lines tends to be used in landscaping to either control movement, accentuate an object or even draw attention to a focal point in a design such as a water feature or a fire pit. A walkway, for example, may be created to go direct to the focal point in question. Curves may be used to a focal point to give an impression of surprise. It would also be critical to remember that lines can either be real or perceived. Perceived lines tend to be applied by arranging various aspects of the landscape in various manners to only make it appear like there is a line.

Form tends to be yet another critical aspect of landscaping. It would be critical to also note that plants tend to be used differently to create different feelings. In a case where plants are placed in masses, they may change form. Plants may be placed in such a way that they beautifully give an impression in individual forms as well as in the overall mass of the composition.

One would also need to take note of color as another critical aspect. While color tends to be one of the most used aspects of landscaping, it also tends to be one of the most overused element of landscape design. It would be essential to take note of warm colors and also note their uses. On the other end, you may use cool colors such as green, blue and purple. You would need to note that color selections tend to have a visual impact on your landscape making color or one the essential aspects in landscape design. You may also need to note that landscape flower and foliage tends to create moods. Any the time you choose flowers, you may need to make sure that you work with an expert. The expert may take time to choose flowers based on factors beyond just colors.

Texture tend to be yet another critical aspect to consider in landscaping. There are so many aspects that comprise the texture. You would also need to remember that flowers and plants tend to add textural attributes to your yard and may be influenced by flower shape, leaf, bark, and stem as well as the surface. It tends to be wise to work with a landscape designer or a contractor for the best results.

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